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SFMA 1&2- Selective Functional Movement Assessment

SFMA 1&2 - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

What is SFMA Level 1?

The SFMA fills our clinical need to assess for stability and/or motor control dysfunctions as well as mobility dysfunctions.

The SFMA is our clinical assessment for those who experience pain. It is a movement based diagnostic system which systematically finds the cause of pain - not just the source - by logically breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns in a structured, repeatable assessment.
Look at it this way. When you head to the hospital for shooting arm pain, the immediate course of action is to check your heart, not your arm. The symptoms down your arm are just a result of a problem elsewhere in the body. Similarly, the SFMA focuses on underlying dysfunctional movement to find the cause of pain, not just the source. This concept is better known as regional interdependence - how seemingly unrelated problems are actually driving the dysfunction.

What makes SFMA unique? We are the first organized system that takes into account altered motor control – the inability to coordinate proper movements. This system allows us to identify the correct problems - mobility versus motor control – to best equip clinicians for a successful outcome.
There are many great mobility treatment systems, but in the SFMA, we introduce you to our methodology on reprogramming motor control. We use the neurodevelopmental perspective – the way we learn to move as infants – to create a system to reteach our brains how to communicate with our bodies.

When you leave this course, you will be armed with a repeatable diagnostic system to apply the manual techniques already in your toolbox, as well as now add a motor control component tool. The primary focus of Level 1 is to empower participants to not only gain experience with the assessment, but also to develop confidence to successfully integrate the system into their clinical practice.


What is SFMA Level 2?

The SFMA Level 2 provides a systematic approach to efficiently treating movement dysfunction.

The Level 2 Course emphasizes our 3 R's approach - Reset, Reinforce, and Reloading - to restore proper movement. With your SFMA findings, you can prioritize where to start your treatment plan and what the intervention is. There are many great mobility techniques available -in SFMA Level 2 we discuss Reset options, but the primary focus to our course is Reinforcement and Reloading.

Infants develop movement in patterns, not individual muscles. They learn to control movements before they progress to a more challenging posture. Using the neurodevelopmental perspective – how we learned to move as infants – we have developed a model to guide motor control programming to mimic what we learned in our early years.

When you leave this course, you will be equipped with a motor control reprogramming tool to immediately integrate into your clinical practice.


With your registration you will receive access to the SFMA Level 1 online course 6 weeks before the seminar. This online course is the prerequisite for participation in the seminar.

A free cancellation of this seminar is not possible with the beginning of the registration and the receipt of the online access, thus the intellectual good of the education. In case of cancellation before the seminar, the amount of the online course of 600.00 Euros will be deducted.

Language: English

Course content

Why the SFMA Level 1? - Proper diagnosis is the first step to effective treatment.

This course teaches our movement based diagnostic system and provides healthcare professionals with an efficient and
systematic tool to reach a comprehensive movement diagnosis.

  • Analyze motion patterns and malfunctions-
  • Presentation of standard SFMA examinations with the aim of successfully detecting and analyzing the cause of dysfunctions and pain
  • Learning to understand principles of motor learning and their relevance to treatment
  • Introduction to the basics of the treatment strategy for the diagnosed movement disorders (specialization in SFMA Level 2)

Learning objectives Level 1

  • List the seven top tier tests of the SFMA and identify the criteria for rating each test as functional or dysfunctional
  • Describe the significance of pain provocation during the examination process and list two ways in which pain alters normal motor control
  • Distinguish functional and dysfunctional movement patterns when observing video case examples
  • Perform a complete SFMA evaluation and all portions of the breakout
  • Analyze the results of the SFMA to correctly identify and prioritize the physical impairments for treatment planning
  • Design a rehabilitation intervention program to address the SFMA key findings
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the rehabilitation intervention by comparing the results of the SFMA re-assessment

Why SFMA Level 2? - Now that you identified the problem, let's talk about solutions.

This course teaches healthcare professionals how to use the SFMA findings to guide their interventions -
from mobility techniques to reprogramming motor control dysfunctions.

Learning objectives Level 2

  • Explain the concepts of Reset, Reinforce, and Reload and where to integrate them into patient care.
  • Review Local Biomechanical Assessments.
  • Demonstrate mobility treatment effectiveness by retesting movement.
  • Describe motor control learning principles.
  • Demonstrate progression of motor control interventions through neurodevelopmental postures.
  • Describe the concept of pattern assistance and its purpose in motor control learning.

Target group

Although we encourage all professionals to learn the SFMA, the certification is reserved for allied healthcare professionals.

Course Information

  • 4 day live seminar
  • Price regular 1.799,00€
  • Language English
  • Manual for deepening the contentes
  • certificate
  • 1-year online-access to

SFMA - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

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