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The sports, fitness and therapy worlds already embraced BlazePod’s Flash Reflex (FRX) training as a necessity for functional and performance training at all levels and for all ages. Visual cue reaction training is essential for everyone: Athletes will gain an extra edge by improving in-game decision making and reactions to developing situations. Kids will be motivated to enhance cognitive skills and processing speeds. Therapists will gain tools to motivate patients, create progressive, data collecting protocols and much more. The FRX trainer course helps coaches, therapists and instructors from all sectors understand the importance of FRX training. You will learn how to take advantage of BlazePod, the FRX training tool, to enhance training goals and better understand how to get the most out of your Pods, app, activities, features, and analytics. BlazePod’s FRX trainer course will open the door to a whole new world of training, boost professional knowledge, and provide coaches, trainers and therapists with another important tool for a successful career.

The FRX trainer course by BlazePod is an online course. The participant can enter and re-enter the course at will within a 30-day time limit. The course is compiled of 10 video lessons of various lengths. Throughout the course, the participant will have to pass a number of tests with which continuation to the following course chapter can only be reached upon successful completion of the test. The tests can be re-taken multiple times within the 30-day time limit.

Do I need to own a BlazePod kit to take the FRX trainer course?

You will need to have a BlazePod kit handy throughout the course.


Experience as a trainer, therapist, coach or athlete

Who is the Flash Reflex (FRX) trainer course on demand aimed at?

The FRX trainer course is aimed at all trainers, coaches and therapists to learn more about why and how to get the best out of FRX and be able to adapt the training into their field.

Lecture Information

Simon is a certified personal trainer, fitness presenter and certified sports coach with a B.Ed. in physical education, and over 20 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry. He lectures on workout systems, training high-end clients, and led coaching teams at international level in a variety of sports projects, such as developing the AFL Peace team. His passion for the world of fitness and sports is driven by the satisfaction he gets from seeing clients and athletes reach their goals and push their limits.


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> 4 hour on demand course

> Available only in English

> 10 video lessons

> FRX trainer course certificate

> Blazepods Apps

> open to you for 30 days

> Pricing: 99,- € incl. MwSt.

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